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Anime News
June 4 of 2012
Berseker Golden Age I and II
the second movie of the film adaptations of Berserk a classic and popular anime will be released on 23 june, you can see the first one online right now.
Fairy Tail (Fillers)
Fairy Tail starts his 1st long arc of fillers, it begins in the episode 125, at least the fillers in fairy tail are not as bored as in other series.
Manga Best Sellers 2012 (so far)
See the top 100 best selllers mangas in individual volume of 2012 so far and top ten manga series more sold of 2012. Click here to see.

May 24 of 2012

Shin Kyoto-hen Part II (Rurouni Kenshin)

The second part of Shin Kyoto-hen, the new animate proyect of Rurouni Kenshin will be released in june 23, 2012 in japan.

Code Geass, Bôkoku no Akito

A new seasson of Code Geass was announced a long time ago, but now have trailers that show the characters and action and a release date that will be on august 14. This is a Gaiden/spin-off and it will have 4 ovas.

May 14 of 2012
Avatar : The legend of Korra
This is not an anime but is very similar, the second seasson of avatar . Korra, the protagonist of the new series, is the next incarnation of the Avatar after Aang of the original series. Set seventy years after the defeat of Phoenix King Ozai and Princess Azula in the four-part finale of the original show. It will have at least 26 episodes.
This is a list of some populars mangas with his last episode so far, that still be publish, so if you like the animes that are based in one of this mangas you can have hope that it will be new episodes some day or it will reworked like full metal alchemist.
Naruto 585
Bleach 491
One Piece 666
Gintama 399
Hunter X Hunter 340
Katekyo Hitman Reborn 384
D.Gray man 213
Fairy Tail 282
Hajime no Ippo 976
Lost Canvas 223
Soul Eater 97
Gantz 363
Vampire Knight 81
Rozario + Vampire 40
Beelzebub 155
Toriko 186
Nurarihyon no mago 201
Ao no Exorcist 35
High School of the dead 29
Claymore 126
Berserk 327
Hayate the Combat Butler 362
Medaka Box 145
Negima 334
xxx-Holic 204
Bakuman 176

May 4 of 2012

Darker than Black : New seasson?
there are a rumour of a new seasson of Darker than Black the title will be Darker Than Black: Nanbou no Houkou will be released in autumn seasson.
Fairy tail movie
the movie Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko now have a trailer, the movie would be released this 18 of August.
Shakugan no Shana not End
The editor of Dengeki Bunko reveal that this is not the final seasson even if the name is Shakugan no Shana Final, he says that Yashichiro Takahashi the autor of the series of light novels, is working in a new volume.
April 24 of 2012
Mirai Nikki
A Great anime just ended, have 26 episodes and there will be something new about it, some people think that it will be a new seasson but more probably is that it will be one ova. there are one ova but is more like a long trailer, also there will be a live action show.
Summary: The life of God is Ending and there he will be chose his replacement with a survival game: he chose 12 people of the same city and give all of them a form to see the future, the one who survive will be the new God.
Animes that Probably Would Last For ever.
One piece: 544 episodes so far.
Naruto: 220 episodes of naruto and 260 episodes of naruto shippuden.
Fairy tail: 127 episodes so far.
HunterxHunter: 28 episodes of the new seasson.
Yu-gi-oh: It have a lots of seassons yu-gi-oh gx, 5D and the last one Zexal. I only fan of the original.
Animes that Probably Comeback
Bleach: last episode 366.
Gintama: last episode 251.
Hitman Reborn: last episode 203.
D.Gray Man: last episode 104.
April 14 of 2012
Eureka 7 AO
A new seasson of eureka 7 , the main character look exactly as a eureka but is a guy O.O, maybe is his son.
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – Of the Dead
Second seasson of the anime Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (is this a zombie?) a cool anime of 2011 that have 11 episodes and 2 ovas, this anime have all ( action, comedy, romance, ninjas, vampires, mahou shoujo and more).
Fate Stay Zero : New seasson
Anime 2011
One of the most populars and coolest animes of 2011 is Stein gates is not like the average anime is a very different and original one, it have 24 episodes, 1 ova and a movie is comming at the end of 2012.
Totally new animes
Ginga e Kickoff!! : a soccer anime.
Tsuritama: Is about four wierd guys, Yuki is a high school student that have abnormally poor communication skills, Haru is the self-styled alien who decides to teach Yuki to fish, Natsuki is an irritable born-and-raised local. Akira is the mysterious Indian who watches them all from a distance.
Sakamichi no Apollon: Guys playing music.
Minori Scramble!: Is about a girl hater of penguins and a penguin that tries to persuade her to forget her hatred.
April 4 of 2012
Saint Seiya Omega
Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) have a new season called Saint Seiya Omega and is the anime adaptation of the original manga of Kurumada, takes place in the future era, 25 years after the Holy Wars of the 20th century , the first episode released on sunday 1 of april, i suppose that every sunday it will released a new episode, I see it and it look very cool.
Rurouni Kenshin : Shin Kyoto Hen
Is a remake of the Kyoto Arc with a different style of animation and a lots of thing past in differents way like a bloody fight of Shishio and Usui (the blind guy) , have 40 minuts of durations, so i dont think there will be one episode every week.
NarutoSD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden
New anime, the main character are Rock-lee it look like a comedy anime i dont recoment this, i hear hundred of negative comments about it and no one positive.
Bad New: the animes of Gintama, Bleach and belzebub has ended for now, for my experience as an Inmortal i believe that it will take one year to return.
Old News:
-New ova of Kenichi, I hope that will be more.
-New Season of Prince of tennis: very cool
-Remake of Hunter x Hunter : without fillers 25 episodes so far.
-New season of Fate State Night: Called Fate Stay Zero its about the previous battle. Also have one ova called Fate State Prototipe its another history.
-Remake of Dragon ball: have censure in the bloody parts but have a very cool opening that change the images with every season.
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