Wednesday, 2022-09-28, 1:20 PM
Exchange Points: 

Exchange points can be changed for:

Trick:  1 point.
Unlisted Merge Item: 1 point.(an item that you dont know)(you can request updates)

Item Droop Rate: 1 point (Choose a unit and a item that the unit can droop, them i give you the % that have the unit to droop)

Boss Full Set: 3 points (All the names of items that can be drooped by one boss).
Boss Complete Information: 3 points (complete and detailed information about a boss stats and abilities you can request updates for changes of new versions, this Bosses cost more points: Azazel, Revenant, Apocalypse and stronger bosses than Apocalypse)
Revenant Complete Information: 4 points.
Apocalypse Complete Information: 5 points. 
Azazel Complete Information: 6 points.
Death or Strongers bosses: 9 points.

Make a Custom Item: 5 points (will be a item to find, you can set it with total liberty like put your own name on the item, i decide the way to find depending of how strong it is)
All Tricks Names: 8 points ( a file with the name of all tricks and tipe also allows you to chose the tricks you want to unlock for next times)

Make a Custom Neutral Boss: 8 points ( Will be in forest, and can have the name, abilities or stats that you want ).
Dark Forces Boss: 10 points.( only boss that comming for all the lanes, maximum can be as strong as Death Knight).
All Unlisted Merge Item:  16 points (you can request Updates if items changes for new items)

Anything: 20 points ( you can make anything of the previous mentioned without limitations, like make items in shops, a neutral boss in the place you want, a Dark Forces Boss, or more.) ill take care that this not inbalance the game.
Custom Hero: 28 points( you can make a hero for the game, I'll balance it if is not)