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How abilities and attributtes work on warcraft 3
Every point of armor give a percentage damage reduction against normal attacks (not spell damage) and every point give less percentage than the previous. This reduction can be change for the map editor, for that same amount of armor can give different percentage reduction on different maps.
It work like this on Hero of the Empire:
Armor              Damage Reduction
  1                          2%
  2                          4%
  3                          6%
  4                          7%
  5                          9%
 10                        17% 
 20                        29%
 30                        38%
 50                        50% 
 100                      67% 
 200                      80%
 300                      86% 
 500                      91%
 1000                    95%
And this is for the default configuration; most of the maps use this, including DOTA
Armor                Damage Reduction
  1                            6%
  2                           11% 
  3                           15% 
  4                           19% 
  5                           23% 
 10                          38% 
 15                          47%
 20                          55%
 25                          60%
 30                          64%
 50                          75%
 100                         82%
 200                         92%
 300                         95%
Hero Attributes
Heroes have a Primary attribute, this attribute increases the damage of the hero amount of damage per point can be changed, default is 1 in hero of the empire is 1.3, beside the damage attributes give others bonus and this also can be changed.
Every point increases: (on Hero of The Empire) Hit Points by 21 Hit Points Regeneration per second by 0.06
Every point increases: (on Hero of The Empire) Attack Speed by 1% Armor by 0.26 (Also it can increases move speed but not on Hero of the Empire)
-Maximum attack speed increases of units in any map is 400%, it can be set lower.
Every point increases: (on Hero of The Empire) Mana point by 18 Mana Regeneration by 0.03
Evasion ability don’t stack at all, if you have more than one only count the one with the high %, it possible make others abilities similar to evasion like backtrack of Void (Dota) in some games editors named this ability evasion and make items with the normal evasion, of course this two abilities stack, this second one(backtrack) work totally different and isn’t affect by never miss ability.
Block Ability (Hardness Skin)
This ability is used in most of warcraft 3 maps, in Hero of The Empire is the block ability that the shields and armors have. This ability don’t stack at all, it only work one in case of 2 items with the block ability it only work the one of the item with highest level this is set by the editor(Not necessarily the map editor is aware of this so be careful if you use to items with this ability) in case of hero block ability and item block ability it count the last acquired, if you pick the item after level up your ability it only going to work the item block ability.
Critical Strike
-Critical Strike ability stack but don’t work a double critical, when the double or triple critical hit appears only work the last acquired critical ability. -Isn’t a good idea buy a critical strike with a lower ratio than your hero ability -If you have more than one item with critical ability would be better if you order the items putting the stronger ratio as the last acquired.
-Critical Strike do not work with auto-casting arrows abilities Examples: Frost arrow, Black Arrow, Orb of Annihilation, Skeletals Archers(Little Child forms) arrows abilities, in the case of Searing Arrows when the critical hit comes it cancel the arrow ability it work a lot better than others arrows abilities but not perfectly.
Never Miss Ability
-Never Miss do not work with auto-casting arrows abilities Examples: Frost arrow, Black Arrow, Orb of Annihilation, Skeletals Archers(Little Child forms) arrows abilities, also for range heroes can interfer with critical strike or bash.
Spell Damage Reduction
The Spell damage reduction from items do not stack, only count the last adquiered. Tip for avoid problems with this: After pick an item with a low Spell Damage Reduction bonus drop the one that have the highes and pick up again, to make it the last adquiered.