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1.26 version will have:

-New Special heroes 1 to 3:

*This new Special Heroes will have 22 skills to chose and 5 different custom stats to be chosen by the player in exchange the auto increases basic stats will be almost none, every level you will be chosen one skill and 2 stat, very different from the previous Semi-Special heroes like Dragon Clan,Berseker, Defender that have a limit number of skills combinations since some of his abilities can not be chosen together and there is a level skip requirement( you can not level up the same skill several times in a row), this new heroes will not have this 2 things allowing an unlimited number of combinations theoretically is limited but the number is so high that you will never be able to play all combinations unless in a normal mortal human life time and even more they will have an ability that allows to change th ... Read more »

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