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Download Hero of The Empire 1.21D


Click Here to Download D version



Next Version(1.22):

-Missions: will be in game Quests with rewards like EXP, gold, items, unique items, unlock new missions and more.

-Lots of New Items: between 10 and 20.

-And a lot more like new bosses.

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Please, quit hydra chaos dmg, and aoe range, its insane...

i i tried  to  build   the world is my pray + the heart of searino+ recipe again  but it didnt work

You just need to kill something while both The World is my Prey(with full charges) and The Heart of Searinox are in your inventory.

Yet another reply 

I'm sorry but just now I figured out how that Hidden power ability works, I'm sorry that I have bothered you with that.
But then I tied Defender, everything's fine but I cant get Bloody edge to work.

Also about those grammar mistakes, if you want I have enough free time to fix most of them for you.


I'm sorry I forgot to finish a sentence,

-After using release power, I lost both abilities and instead-
I have received a Berserk ability

sorry for my mistake


Hello, I created this account just to tell you this, so please, hear me out.

First of all, I noticed there is a bug with Berserk Hidden power ability.
Right after learning it gave me release power ability, so I could use hide/release ability at same time,
After using release power, I lost both abilities and instead

Also I would like to put in notice that you have many grammar and spelling mistakes in texts,most of them really bad.
English is not my native language but I'm sure I could fix most of them.

This thing is only minor.
I think I noticed that critical chance and dodge/block from various items stack, not sure if this is intentional but I think it would be nice if You have pointed it out in description.

Also I would like to ask you about one ability.
When Infernal proc Infernal strength, sometimes an Infernal Power text pops out, can You please tell me what is means?

Thanks for Your time,
Sincerely Your loyal Fan.

Hello Tron,
I recommend you post this as a thread on the forum, not on the comment page. Comments get lost when a new version is released, whereas forum posts always stay there.

Finally, thanks  bro  biggrin

daam surprised surprised surprised

thanks god
i love you inmortal

новый год, а версы нет, и где мой сникерс? полагаю кто дизлайкал мой пост, должен мне сникерс)

Damn im so hyped about new ver i just cant wait more for it :/

10 week left before realise

uh? only 10 weeks?!?? Damn ONLY 10 weeks thats nice

can you be a lil more accurate sir? 10 weeks starting when? smile

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