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Download Hero of The Empire 1.22E

E version has some important fix, and is the official version for Quest and Survival Mode from now on.

Click Here to Download.

If you have problems download it from this site you can download it from this other site Click.


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yet how can one be kind if people like you spam him, sure been 6 or so months but seriously, dont have to be an annoying cuck and spam a map maker for the next version, have you ever thought about him having stuff like college or even a life? prob not sense you spend your time pestering map makers to release the next version, not sure if its just me but people like you Mr.tngkr are very, very annoying.

im going to be the one and say this, tngkr134, seriously, shut. the. fuck. up. if you have the time to spam all this shit go play other maps, no one wants to read all this stupid shit you post, if your impatient with the map maker play a different fucking map or do something  else like go outside which i doubt some one like you will do.

Since some people seem to complain about the new map taking a long time to release: Thanks alot for the good time I had with this map. If you decide to drop it here, I can understand as it takes alot of time to develop something like this.

Guys just be a little more patient, the more you ask about the new version will just make immortal more inclined to take longer on the map, i'm sure he also has a life as well so he cant spend 24/7 on making the map AND he did say he will be taking longer to balance the heroes so we don't just find out the best ability's to use like beserker and defender, personally i want him to take as much time as he wants to make a very good version rather then a shitty one that's been made fast, if you cant wait play other maps or do something else.

Hidden textwaiting for more news  :'(

Hey about the new version, it will show up in 2018 or this year :D?

biggrin  biggrin  biggrin


finally , that's Greaaaaaaaaaat  :D

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