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Download Hero of The Empire 1.23b

Download Hero of the Empire 1.23b

B version is almost the same as 1.23 but it should be playable in the last war3 patch.


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Update it in Hive please Eurobattle allows links only from hive or epicwar to upoload maps.

it is impossible to play always disconnects

Hello, InmortalSiegfried. I am a player who love the map:Hero of the empire, and love to share my skills and various styles of play. My team also the first team to kill all boss finished the game after the release of the 1.23 Beta version (in less than 24 hours). 

  In time, I also recorded nearly 4,000 minutes of instructional videos by myself to help new players to love this game,If you are interested, you can also watch my video and feel free to comment on my video.

  Today I mainly want to consult one thing, in China, we have a respected translator: Stay, worked tirelessly to help us translated this map, but today we have half The player plays on platform A with a 1.23 version(not translated by Stay) of the map,and half of the players are on platform B with only 1.22b,And the bugs and the delay of update, which has greatly reduced the player's evaluation to this map and the player continues to decrease. Therefore, I would like to ask, can I upload the original English version 1.23 on the B platform, without any modification, and if Stay updates Chinese vision of 1.23 at the same time to  platform B, I will also remove the English version, it will not conflict, you see is this okay?

  So if ok, there will be two people upload this map on the Chinese side. I will upload the original and newer English map and Stay upload the Chinese map.And if you update the latest version here, I can also help you upload the English version to platform B.

  If you are worried that I will make any changes to the map, you can ask Supervision of Stay in platform B ,or i can give my own account number of Platform B to you and you can upload the newest English vision by yourself(I will give you guide how to upload the map on this platform B in China).

  Thank you for reading this, if you contact me, my email address is 2281444815@qq.com .

Hello hs19951021 Glad that you and your friends enjoy the game, I don't see the problem with upload the original version, so yes you can.

Illidan use "god skill tome" bug, stun forever...

The new hero seems funny, I one shotted Bahamut with Tharos Fury and Mutilation...

Congrats Sigfried, amazing update, hilarious how people can't kill bosses anymore without the free kills of Little child and Berseker  or the Arcane bug and they are crying all about it that happens when you only rely on bugs and abuse. Some of the new abilities looks op a fast nerf for b versión may be good idea.

Gracias Inmortal smile  Las mejores que se hacen a todos los heroes con cambios globales me encanta puedo seguir jugando con mis heroes favoritos asi no les hagan ningun cambio. Mi juego favorito actualmente Deseo que siga asi biggrin  tongue

There will always be 3 kind of peoples waiting for new update's on everything:

1) We are waiting for sooooo loooong, give us anything!
2) Last update is so bad i rage quit this game!
3) 90% of "silent" peoples happy to see that game is still alive and waiting for new things to try and explore

Thank you for new version!

one word to describe - disappointment. zero content, new hero bugged as fuck  (at least test it before release, a played 1 game and found bugs in 2 abilities out of five (two was passive)), 50% of heros still completly useless, balance does not exist at all. Great job, 10 months passed in vain

flaming kid ...

its not flame, its facts. your fanaticism does not let you see that this update really sucks? its not HARD work, the author simply does not care about his map, balance in map, new content in map, but he cares about cooldown of muradins's hammer. MURADIN SUCKS NOT COS OF BIG CD, BUT COS HEROS ABILITIES ABSOLUTELY USELESS. only total rework can help, but sorry, lets reduce cd. what about pally, ninja, banshe and a lot of heroes that really sucks? 10 months of "hard" work and we r see this 'update' with bugged hero, what a patch. gj. 10 months - 0 new bosses. 10 months - 1 new item. 10 moths - 0 reworks. 10 months - 1 new idea, but this idea does not affect the game at all. 3k dmg and 1% hp reg for 30 sec is useless. sheep laughs then she see chain lightning from new book. face the truth, these changes do not deserve 10 months of 'work'. THE MAP DIDNT CHANGED AT ALL

Yes you are not flaming, unless someone flaming would have some sense, your coments hasn't any, new hero has 13 abilities if there were two buged abilities there isn't any problem, if you suck with all hero and you only know to play Assassin is only you fault learn to play first, you are just throwing negative random coments to get some attention you are just a crying baby probably you feel ofended for blacklist as a cheater you are or the only way you have to win the game was with a bullshit that has been fixed now you are mad because you can't play without your shit and the abilities to buy are too strong for their cost well shit like you need an ability that instantly win the game that is fun for cheaters like you.

Id say the game changed plenty with the new abilities added.
Plus you're calling it fanaticism, yet you're literally just ranting.
Do you have experience yourself in how much work it is creating this stuff?
I'm pretty sure he's been working his ass off with this update, and you're literally just coming out here, discrediting all his work because you're not happy that its not a update that changes the game.

At least give it a few tries to see how things go before you go screaming "omg worst update" instead of taking 1-2 games and then going to rant about it. And if you're going to rant, at least make it constructive, give actual numbers to what feels bad, test several times etc etc. 
How the hell would you take criticism that literally just says "omg your entire work sucks" and then nothing else?

Say what heroes needs buff according to you, mention what bugged abilities there are.
Then maybe others will take what you say seriously.

No one takes scum like him serious, that is just a hater comment without any sense maded to piss off people because he can do anything anymore with the bugs fixed, his comments could just said everything is bad everything is useless and he would sound a lot less retarded still retarded thoungh.

How many maps did you make in war3, played by hundreds of players around the world?)) mb u sucks?)

im just asking i dont complain smile

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