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Download Hero of The Empire 1.24b

Click Here to Download.

B version has some of the new content that was not showing on A version, like one of the new items, one new ability and more.


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18 TheKiNgBayram  

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17 manu111manu  
thanks a lot
but the change with darkness orb is not good for single players

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19 YokeM  
Yes I have already asked in the forum about that, but didn't even get an answer...

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20 Simx  
Complaining of bug been fixed and you expect an answer?

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21 YokeM  
See, there our opinions differ. For some people this was a feature.

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22 YokeM  
Also yes, if I ask a question I expect an answer. I also believe I didn't phrase it as a complaint...

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23 Saiyan  
Orb of Darkness infinity time was a bug the item said something about giving 12 minutes extra after you lose no infinity, I see lately bugs not exist anymore all of them are either feautures or tricks as it suits, only solution I see for your problem is to play older version with the bug, I don't think that any map creator would revert a bug fixed because the bug has fans.

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14 predragovictomislav  
Seems like nice INT item, perhaps you can give only basic info in game and full description in quest log or make "command" (-MegaHoly) to see full info on effect(s) and CD and everything ...
If there is effect with same name in several item versions perhaps -MegaHolyX, where X is "lvl" of item.
If you want hide from us some of effect's before we actually get next lvl of item give us command in basic description (when you lvl up item to "lvl 2" command is something like MegaHolyB02 or MHB02).
Or -MegaHoly7 give you full info for current version of item if it is on inventory number 7 (NumPad 7).

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13 DeaDok  
...coming soon in 2021

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16 Saiyan  
Wow dude you are so funny and original you put one more year than the other retard damn!.

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11 manu111manu  
2 days to go for 3 months waiting

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12 Krichevskoy  
2 months actually... Which, from what I've seen, is approximately the time he usually waits after the announcement. So, fingers crossed to have it next week.

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15 manu111manu  
yes you are right my bad

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9 tomoto  
WHEEEEN?!!!?!111 Can't wait so long sad

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10 rsN  

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8 manu111manu  
i wish there was a count down for next version

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6 manu111manu  
when can we expect the new verson

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7 rsN  
soon  wink

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5 manu111manu  
i know you hate lazy players..but can you provide a mood to explore the map without bosss coming to finsh you off..

i like to explore child without any major equipments

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4 4ept9lka  
I'm happy

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