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Download Hero of The Empire 1.25b

Click Here to Download.

Check some 1.25 new content I forget to put on changelog: Click Here to see.

B version has a few but some important changes:

-Less Weight allowing to play in old war3 versions on multiplayer.
-Book of Circe does not change size units anymore.
-Book of Circe fifth time greater bonus now give more stats and now is showed on description.
-Book of Circe give higher mana bonus.
-Fix Kael unable to destroy barrels when he change his attack type.
-Fix Pandemonium portal tooltip has a wrong cooldown description.
-Fix Multiboard having a previous version text.

For Quest use ''B'' version from now on, previous Quest submitted are valid.



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30 alenwalker   [Entry]
Ability of Dragon's Clan "dragon skin' 2 level or higher don't give HP bonus

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28 akatsukifans10   [Entry]
Siiii!!! Por fin la nueva versión  biggrin  Gracias inmortal... A jugar party team una vez mas

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27 predragovictomislav   [Entry]
There is going to be some sleepless nights again  yes .

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25 tota   [Entry]
is the changelog share for verdion 1.24 and 1.25 ?
if not, i didn't find the one for 1.25
Edit : found it, my bad

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23 Dukro   [Entry]
It's changed guys! It's coming this week! biggrin

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24 Vizzard   [Entry]

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26 henryphoenixx   [Entry]
Wooooot !  santa

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21 Kaelnaar   [Entry]
Be careful with Reforged map editor.
With new copyright policy all maps created in "Reforged map editor" are property of Blizzard

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22 henryphoenixx   [Entry]
Yeah guess their scared and chasing people who develop new maps away  shutup  anything to make money right, at least its not pay to play maps...

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20 alexvighici   [Entry]
Hey, i’ve been playing this map over battlenet with new wc3 reforged.

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19 pangol914   [Entry]

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18 henryphoenixx   [Entry]
Guess we waiting till reforge is released to get this map update biggrin

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17 Jonathan   [Entry]
In new version i wonder wil admiral able to use ring of talent,gem of the end, halberd of sorrows... items.

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29 Eternal   [Entry]
hope,that the main reason people don't play him,including myself

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