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Download Hero of The Empire 1.25d

Click Here to Download.


D version has fixed Dantes unable to learn his new skill when he changes attack type and crash fixed, check Changelog to see the full changes from 1.25c.

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8 bebaxt   [Entry]
Where can we download 1.25c

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9 Rocket   [Entry]
why you want c version? is the same as D but with some bugs.

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7 vh1-Cigota   [Entry]
*-1.25c Will come next month with new effects on heroes abilities, new abilities , changes on abilities, some fix and more.-*
(2 months ago) =(

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4 lucassanti-001   [Entry]
Need to fix Archer hero crashing, Antonidas also crashinig, seems like FLESH GOLEM little kid is also crashing.

Hope the map get updated soon, love it a lot, but reforged broke it very much sad

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6 Rocket   [Entry]
There is a thread of the map creator to check how much people are playing in last versions to fix this crashing problems started on 1.31, it has like one reply, report this your lastest versions bugs if he see there is more than one people playing this versions he may fixed Thread:
you can have 2 or more warcraft 3 versions in your device and play this on a not crashing version like 1.28.5 war3.

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3 manu111manu   [Entry]
I know you dont like lazy players...but can you give a mod were there is no enemy heros comping against you..
Like to kill lot of time with it..need it badly now

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5 Rocket   [Entry]
Without Line bosses the game could be kind of bored, if you have problems with them you can build a tower or 2 and evolve it to max, when they come teleport to your tower and protect it, with few practice you should not have too much problems against this bosses until Dragon come out them you need some fairly strong items.

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1 nerubiansreborn   [Entry]
holy defense cannot upgrade to final form, please fix

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2 nubhunter   [Entry]
It works maybe explanation may not be clear, when u fullfil all requirements gold and charge buy another holy repice and kill 1 more unit. that will give you final form of holy defens.

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