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Download Hero of The Empire 1.26B

Click Here to Download.

B Version support all warcraft III versions.

B version contain new items, some important fixed and a lot more, check changelog to see the full changes.


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47 bagonx24   [Entry]
Anyone else experiencing Fatal Error? Any thoughts on it? Thanks

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45 mingsoonchan   [Entry]
May I know what platform u guys use to play war3?

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46 polania   [Entry]

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44 rygaivegaryvie   [Entry]
Thank God! My wait is now over... Thanks for the update Inmortal...

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43 tota   [Entry]
a really great version ! i hope we'll get an agility version of the two new heroes.

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38 Alex0013   [Entry]
Just curious, what platforms use WC3 1.29?

EntConnect uses 1.30.1 (the last version bots were supported)
Blizzard is up to 1.32.9

So what is using 1.29? Some other server? I also heard the map didn't load on EuroBattle, so who's using 1.29? haha

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39 Damocles   [Entry]

If I remember well you can find link for previous versions on the forum but not sure.

Personnally I never play on battlenet, I play with friends with Hamachi on 1.28.5. So I am one of those

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41 Saiyan   [Entry]
Is not only 1.29 is 1.29 and all older versions than 1.29 like the 1.28.5 everyone have, 1.26 ,124e etc.

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37 Damocles   [Entry]
A lot of content in this update ! Thanks a lot for the time invested Siegfried

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35 hamidbagherinia4587   [Entry]
really a bad version of Hero of the empire angry  and there is a bug with new heroes when other allies use ring of talent or gem of the end and skill book there is a chance to unale to move like times that two heroes use ring of talent together. and are you kidding us with new items?! you just add spell power to it and this happend while spell of all of heroes not based on spell power and it works for a few heroes

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40 Saiyan   [Entry]
Disagree with the only part of your message I can actually understand, this is one of the best versions so far. Next time use a traductor or something.

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42 Jonathan   [Entry]
Im playing for years and i can say its a good update; boss hunter is good, new items are good, holy bow is better; spell power is a good idea, however more heroes could be using spell power on their spells. Especially intelligence heroes  smile

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30 snapperr   [Entry]
yap i refresh everyday but if you check the time of other versions it's like half of year or a year so yeah

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28 Damocles   [Entry]
Anyone else coming here every day ? Immortal surely likes to put our patience to the test ^^
Nevertheless I have been playing for 3 years and I am sure this must take a lot of time to develop, so we will wait patiently and many thanks for continuing your work on this map, it's brilliant !

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29 enshtain3   [Entry]
>Anyone else coming here every day ?

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31 snapperr   [Entry]
refresh it everyday smile

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36 Damocles   [Entry]
It was worth it guys ! here it is ^^

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34 Saiyan   [Entry]
Well said!, agree. when I saw 1 to 3 Special heroes, new stat and more and more changes I said well this is going to take some time I mostly check the forum if there is something new them click here just in case.Thank you Immortal for all your hard work and continue your map even with the annoying kids complaining all the time.

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27 pangol914   [Entry]
coming soon means u need a time travel machine cuz the next version comin on 2120 angry

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