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Download Hero of The Empire 1.26c

Click Here to Download 1.26C Version.


Check Changelog to see the full changes of the version.

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14 yuroXD   [Entry]
I have a doubt, when I kill apocalysis with the mission of the npc
I can't do it. or do I have to be something else?

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12 gabrielmackey7   [Entry]
no rush bro, we appreciate the effort you put in and know the month timeline was only an estimate.

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13 henryphoenixx   [Entry]
They didnt say which month  happy

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11 bagonx24   [Entry]
new version where

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10 henryphoenixx   [Entry]
Getting close to the end of the month  biggrin  biggrin

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9 benjaminjmackey   [Entry]
cant wait for the new one!

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8 rygaivegaryvie   [Entry]
Still waiting for 1.26c

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7 Saiyan   [Entry]
Great!!! thumb

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6 gabrielmanuelalechana18   [Entry]
It may also lack a remodeling of the environment of the map or the terrain, but I do not think it is necessary

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5 gabrielmanuelalechana18   [Entry]
I think they should improve the horse so that it is more comfortable to use as the messengers of Dota 2

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4 putanmihai2006   [Entry]
Also, maybe blink back on courier and low CD on Wind boots, as it used to be? biggrin

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