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Download Hero of The Empire v1.20c


Click Here to Download.


Official warcraft 3 version for Quest now is 1.27 (players choice).


*Site Design has return to the original (Players Choice).

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i really like this map, one of the best i've ever played tongue

Request: Replace the Cripple of Medivh into Mind Control. Mind Control to Medivh can be a lot useful than Mind Control to the Keeper of the Sky as he can handle armies himself, unlike the Keeper that needs his pack. I have an idea for the Mind Control. 

- No Timed Life; Timed Life is really frustrating.
- Bonus health equal to his Intelligence. Creep Health + Intelligence of Medivh

The Bonus Health can be a lot helpful as your manipulated creep can tank a lot of damage, allowing the Light Forces to compile. Also i wanna Mind Control the Keeper of the Grove thing, that one creep that has 1000 Siege damage and 45 Hero Armor but moves really slow.

lol the requests are too unbalanced, but if you want them to be seen, post them here: http://hero-empire.com/forum/4


hi again guys we found new way to defeat death with thief-grom-alexa and a little bit of luck try thief steal on death when its under 90% hp and you may get the death scythe

There are plent of heroes who can solo death, so I am afraid that's not too difficult. I can fo this with party team no problem. Half-demon wizard as well. And worker. And blacksmith.

replay sir?

what about merchant? hero

hi guys is anyone there can give me list of blacksmith items i mean all of it not basic items all of it thanks alot all

How is called the new hero in children and how do I get at it? Thank you for the help of now

Anyone know about new path of little children ?

what role you want ??

i want test all form of it

wat is the new forms of little child?

hi thanks for this awsomne map i have only one question how we can beat the death with 3 player please help us tnx again

1 tank hero , 1 blacksmith craft armor hp and armor refect damg

greet someone knows what is the shape of the new child?

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