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Download Hero of The Empire V1.22c

Click Here to Download 1.22c.

If you have problems to Download it from the site you can Download it from this other site: Click Here.



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well, since ENT host on warcraft III 1.28.4 version now, i think we should play this map with the last version of warcract III

Sorry, I was wrong, here in brief:

Why is it written Chaos Attack type deals 40% in dragon armor, and the dragon says that he receives 60% of the Chaos Attack type?

Now, I think that new version of this map must (must I repeat) be played on new version of Wacrraft 3. Now we have 1.28.4, well the new version with quests must be edited for this one. If there should be 1.27 > 1.28.4 not also this game is going to lose many players because I won't download little programs to play a lower version of this game. However, Immortal should make the upcoming official version for 1.28.4 becuase: ENT GAMING USES IT, MAKE ME HOST USES IT. People who supports 1.27 should upgrade their version and do not vote for a lower version of warcraft . We are 1.28.4? yes, well official version should be for 1.28.4

vote 1.27b

vote warcraft version 1.27b for quest. we cant' update new version warcraft(1.28+)

yep today i played single player again with assassin. i bought orb of darkness again and i dead. i didn't revive at the graveyard at top right but revive at the place where i die as i dead with michael shield which will give me a free chance after i die. but, when i check my inventory, the orb of darkness has 6 charges, that means i have 6 life left, but in the past it only have 5 charges, is it a bug?

What's your Warcraft III version ?


Guys i'm new to here. I'm playing hero of the empire 1.22 in single player for about a month already, and recently i found that grom's counter-attackwill not work again after i buy orb of darkness(or something else, i'm not confirm because when i notice it doesn't work, the sacred barrier generated by the item that i bought from graveyard located at top right of the map is still working, i forget the name of the item.)

the closeline command does not work :/

I can't play this map. (But played previous versions of this map.) It says "Just another Warcraft III map". My WC3 version is How can i play ?

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