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Hero of The Empire 1.26 Coming Soon

1.26 version will have:

-New Special heroes 1 to 3:

*This new Special Heroes will have 22 skills to chose and 5 different custom stats to be chosen by the player in exchange the auto increases basic stats will be almost none, every level you will be chosen one skill and 2 stat, very different from the previous Semi-Special heroes like Dragon Clan,Berseker, Defender that have a limit number of skills combinations since some of his abilities can not be chosen together and there is a level skip requirement( you can not level up the same skill several times in a row), this new heroes will not have this 2 things allowing an unlimited number of combinations theoretically is limited but the number is so high that you will never be able to play all combinations unless in a normal mortal human life time and even more they will have an ability that allows to change the ability point to several stats points giving a lot more possibilities for example having only one ability.

-New Stat Spell Power: will empower abilities that said are based in Spell Power, several existent items will give this stat and a few new ones.

-Sapphire item will have around 7 new evolution.

-Boss Hunter item will have 2 new abilities based in his charges and charge limit is a lot higher.

-New abilities for heroes, new effects on current ones and some changes in others.

-New items to buy and find.

-And a lot more

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20 luciano_david222   [Entry]
Y muchas gracias por tus mapas llevo jugando hero the Empire de la versión 1.7 buen juego y nunca me aburro solo que no ypuedo derrotar a byatis solito :v ni a Michel pero bueno siempre es un placer volverlo a jugar porque las cosas no se repiten una y otra ves, aunque sería divertido cambiar los bosses principales como que de la versión principal vienen viniendo estaría bueno que los cambies por otros, repito solo los bosses de carril los oculto ya serían un problema por los poderosos que sonxD volver a aprenderse todos sus ataques uff

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19 luciano_david222   [Entry]
Me encantaría que las cosas del constructor de torres salgan más barato para poder jugarlo un poco más con tranquilidad siempre necesita ayuda de cualquier otro aliado si no es así su progreso es sumamente extresante, y también la versión de niño de Joseph almenos le des un poco más de daño al inicio para que almenos gane dinero al comienzo muy frustrante es lanzarles poquitas y que el mana se gaste xD

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18 NGL2002BestYEar   [Entry]
Ahhh yeah!! i am intrigue on how the new saphire upgrade will look like biggrin biggrin

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17 cirstoccosmin   [Entry]
What does it mean for you "soon"? Untill corona is over, or...?

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16 wimahayana39   [Entry]
Cant Wait.. I Love This Game Soooo Much biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

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15 Blademasters   [Entry]
Nice map mate! i love it smile can we know about an aprox date of release?

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13 ione57618399   [Entry]
Waiting for a hero of empire just like waiting for a vaccine~

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12 pekopas   [Entry]
Thanks for uptating this for almost 9 years. And yet there are people unpleasant.

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11 niksa011   [Entry]
thats nice,but how about update Fandom page???

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9 ruslantriadakom   [Entry]

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