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Questions, bug report, suggestions
You can ask me questions , give your ideas , report bug to fix or make suggestions to improve the game in the forum or guestbook.
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hey immortal in the newest version 1.16 the 1st lane is bugged and its starts with aboms,skeli archers, etc...

I love this map, it's kinda addictive! Especially with worker ^^ Good job.
Some players being cynical as*holes at the beggining, calling it "shitty dota" and stuff, later asks for a remake smile
I would only suggest to change that fog of war picture shown on the minimap and make it oldschool black, cause it's really distracting and it's hard to distinguish things. It's not only me. When a new players starts a game, first words goes like - "wow, wtf is happening in my minimap". Toggling minimap terrain helps a little though. It's a nice picture in the wrong place! 

Hi BTLtu  and Thanks.
1.12c is a especial version is almost the same as 1.12b but with the minimap of the Knight image.
Download 1.12b it have a normal minimap image.

Great map. we're having a lot of fun with some friends playing this one.
Now, one thing I noticed, that happened everytime, is that when getting to the hidden shop to the NE corner of the map, and buying the recipe for one of the weapons (can't remember the name, but the cost is 33k gold, and requires assassin lance, killer blade and katar) and of course having all the required items in the inventory, it just turns into a regular Katar. Meaning the other two items are lost, along with the spent gold. tried this on horse, on hero, and on different computers using different heroes. That was actually a bummer... Hope it helps, and you can get it fixed!

Hi HenShaw, you are playing the 109b, yes i mistaken in Ares Sword but i fixed for 1.09c, you can download from the page.

I am typically just an observer when it comes to blogs, but this actually made me wish to leave a comment. Great work!

Thanks GuttyKneedy

Hi,we managed to finaly finish the map with just 3 heroes,truth is is we couldnt have done it without Kael(blood mage) witch I played and found that if you use entangling roots on bosses/creeps they they wont move after the skill has passed(they get stuck) and will only attack if you get close to them(hope you fix this).I wish you good luck with your map and we'l be looking forward for 1.06.
A and one more thing after you get pretty decent items/level thet game is kinda easy.Good Luck.

congratulations and thank you for report that bug i will fix it.

Hello,me and my friends like this map verry much and we apreciate your work but we find it verry hard and we can't go pass the 3rd boss,would it be possible to add some more gold for start or an option like (-close way or -cw) to the game(stop spamming creeps on 1 lane) or add more towers at hero's base,make the towers so u can repair them?We REALLY need some help pls,the map is fun but it's to hard.Waiting for a reply.

Hello Mike,it is truth that the game is difficult, but is possible to pass it with all of the heros, the lines activate by the amount of players, if There are two players the enemys coming by 2 lines, for that reason if are more than 4 players the game becomes more easy, but it is possible to pass it of 4 or less players, you can Build your own towers, hire a worker, the towers who you have evolved more than 2 times have life regeneration , also there some tricks as gold coins hidden near of the base. But in version 1.06 is going to be more easy at the beginning,less damage to the second boss, the third boss is going to had less life and a more weak critical strike and things of the sort.

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